Course Module

The following shall be the subjects for different Semesters of the 5 – Year B.A. LL.B. Examinations:

First Semester

Paper-I : English – I
Paper-II : Political Science – I
Paper-III : Sociology – I
Paper-IV : General Principles of Contract
Paper-V : Family Law – I

Second Semester

Paper-I : English – II
Paper-II : Political Science – II
Paper-III : Sociology – II
Paper-IV : General Principles of Contract
Paper-V : Family Law – II

Third Semester

Paper-I : Political Science – III
Paper-II : Sociology – III
Paper-III : Economics – I
Paper-IV : Legal Mothod
Paper-V : Law of Torts including Motor Vehicles, Accident and Consumer Protection Laws

Fourth Semester

Paper-I : Political Science – IV
Paper-II : Economics – II
Paper-III : Constitutional Law – I
Paper-IV : Law of Crimes – I (The Indian Penal Code)
Paper-V : Land laws including Ceiling & other Local Laws

Fifth Semester

Paper-I : Political Science – V
Paper-II : Economics – III
Paper-III : Constitutional Law – II
Paper-IV : Administrative Law
Paper-V : Property Law

Sixth Semester

Paper-I : Political Science – VI
Paper-II : Law of Crimes – II (The Criminal Procedure Code)
Paper-III : Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act
Paper-IV : Law of Copyright

Seventh Semester

Paper-I : Jurisprudence
Paper-II : Public International Law
Paper-III : Banking Law
Paper-IV : Law of Evidence

Eighth Semester

Paper-I : Human Rights – Law & Practice
Paper-II : Interpretation of Statutes & Principles of Legislation
Paper-III : Environmental Law
Paper-IV : Labour & Industrial Laws – I

Ninth Semester

Paper-I : Company Law
Paper-II : Information Technology Law
Paper-III : Labour & Industrial Laws – II
Paper-IV : Taxation Law

Tenth Semester


Detailed Syllabi:

The courses to be covered by each subject shall be prescribed by the Faculty Council for Post Graduate Studies in Law of the University on the recommendation of the Board of Studies in Law from time to time. Provided that if any Act or Legislation prescribed in the Syllabus is amended, the new provisions will be deemed to be incorporated in the Syllabus from the next academic year.

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